Learn About Our Home Marketing System

Home Marketing System Clinton ILBrady Realtors exclusive Home Marketing System is designed to help you sell your central Illinois home at the best possible price, for the most favorable terms, in the shortest period of time and with the least inconvenience to you.

No one else has a comprehensive of a program as Brady Realtors. Not only do we help develop an effective pricing strategy for your home’s sale, but we advertise and market your home more aggressively than anyone. Your home will be visible and seen by more prospective buyers. Here are some examples:



The Home Marketing System

The Brady Realtors Home Marketing System is a planned, systematic process to help you sell your home. Our Marketing System is designed to generate buyer prospects for your property helping your home sell faster while making your life easier. In Today’s competitive market, it takes more than a yard sign to sell a home.

Brady Realtor’s Home Marketing System is designed to:

  • Obtain the best possible price for your home
  • With the most favorable terms for you
  • Within the shortest time period
  • With the least amount of inconvenience to you

Brady Realtors provides you with extensive target market exposure with our Home Marketing System. It is a powerful system for selling your home and we can customize it to your needs. The Home Marketing System provides your property total market exposure through the following vehicles:

  • Brady Realtor Yard Signs
    The uniquely designed shape and bright red colors of Brady Real Estate signs result in a distinctive and high impact visibility within each market. Our flexible signs feature bold phone numbers for our agents and offices, optional riders for Open House, Sold and website information. Our licensed agents are available 24/7 to respond to buyers calls or emails.
  • com Website
    Our website is displayed on all signs, product sheets, billboards and any advertising vehicle. It is available 24/7 to provide detailed information about your property. Our licensed realtors are linked to the main website so your listing information is easily sourced and we can respond immediately to web visits seeking more information.
  • Property Information Flyers
    Brady Realtors Property Information Flyers with full color photos of your property are uniquely designed to highlight your home;s many distinctive features and benefits. The flyers are distributed to other brokerage firms and directly to prospective home buyers through our Take One Home Yard box program.
  • Take One Home Yard Boxes
    A property Information Take One Home Yard box is installed in the front of any Brady Realty Property. Prospective buyers seek information immediately when driving by and our Take One Home yard boxes make it convenient for them to gather information and contact us immediately.
  • Newspaper Print Ad Campaign
    Brady Realtors utilizes the Real Estate Sections of local newspaper to display your property weekly until it is sold. We have designed our ads to reflect the high brand standards we have developed so buyers can associate your property. Our licensed agents also utilize supplemental print products to gain additional exposure.
  • Direct Mail Marketing
    Through Brady Realtors Direct Response Program, we send full color postcard pieces to targeted prospective buyers to provide a direct message and invite them to respond to one of our licensed agents via phone or email.
  • Multiple Listings Service (MLS)
    Through this network of licensed real estate agents, computerized access to detailed information and showing instructions for each Brady Realtor listing is available 24/7. We are diligent about providing the real estate community with information about your listing.


Brady Realtor’s Sales Force

We work with our sellers as a sales force because we need the sellers cooperation to get their home information out to prospective buyers in a timely fashion.


We provide:

  • Home Analysis
    Comparative Home Analysis on your home then implement our Home Marketing System and handle all the details through final closing.
  • Home Showings and Security
    Every showing appointment for Brady Realtors listings will be arranged through one of our location branches. We know the Sales Associates and prospective buyers who will be viewing our listings. This system gives us control over who is in the seller’s home and allows our Associates to follow up after each showing to be able to provide an interest report to the seller.
  • Buyer Offer Presentations
    When an Offer to Purchase is presented, the Brady Realtors Agent will review every detail with the seller. A sellers net proceed estimate will be prepared and an acceptable contract will be negotiated. Brady Realtors will work through the inspection process and guide the transaction to a successful closing.
  • Brady Realtors Service Commitment
    Brady Realtors are committed to providing professional customer service to our clients.


We are committed to:

  • Fully implementing our Brady Realtors Marketing System
  • Closely monitoring the local real estate market
  • Review our pricing and selling strategy with seller every 30 days
  • Provide prompt and consistent updates to seller through closing and beyond


Make the right telephone call and call Brady Realtors today.